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Sinus Grafting

The maxillary sinuses are located above the back teeth in the upper jaw. Often times, the roots of your natural teeth entend up to and in to the sinus cavity. When a maxillary back tooth is lost, implants are often ideal solutions as replacements.

Since dental implants need bone to hold them in, the location of the sinus may need to be modified to allow the implant to be stabilized. Sometimes, this procedure is done at the same time as the implant placement. Other times, this procedure is done pre-emptively and the implant is placed once the graft is mature at a future date.

No pain is expected during the actual sinus grafting procedure. Most patients are surprised that the only usual pain medication needed is Advil/Ibuprofen. When you are at home recovering, most patients state that their discomfort is 4-6 out of 10. Rarely, would sinus grafting cause more discomfort.

Case 1: Sinus Graft (Lateral Wall)

“People worry about pain. For me, there was none. The whole process required fewer visits than I thought. Because my teeth were missing so long, I needed the sinus graft to make my implants successful. The end result- I feel like I have my own teeth back & that’s really true!” B.B.- Pitman, NJ

Case 2: Sinus Graft (Lateral Wall)

“It was not very painful afterwards, just uncomfortable- I really had no problem with it. The swelling was minimal and any bruising was gone within the week. I’m glad I got this done so that I can have my implants. I knew this was necessary to get the right end result!” S.L.- Berlin, NJ

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