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Gum Grafting

Gum grafting is a procedure which is recommended when recession of gum around the tooth results in root sensitivity, unsightly appearance of the gum, or lack of gum tissue. Significant gum recession can expose the root surface, which can lead to cavities and defects of the tooth.

Designed to solve some of these problems, gum grafting is thin tissue taken from the roof of the mouth and attached to the affected tooth. These procedures may improve the long term stability of the gum tissue around the tooth.

When gum grafting is done, there is no pain expected during the actual procedure. Most patients are surprised that the only usual pain medication needed is Advil/Ibuprofen. When you are at home recovering, most patients state that their discomfort is 4-6 out of 10. Rarely, does gum grafting cause more discomfort.

Case 1: Gingival Grafting #6 – #11

MC was unhappy with the uneven heights of her gum tissue in the front of her mouth. Before having new crowns made in the front of her mouth, she wanted to even the gums before getting new crowns on her front teeth.

Case 2: Gingival Grafting #6 & #7

SR was unhappy with her tooth bridge because the canine looked too long and the black space between her #6 & #7 teeth. This was due to lack of gum tissue. Gingival grafting was indicated.

Case 3: Gingival Grafting #11

“Thank you so much! My tooth looked like a big fang and I was told I had to have the tooth extracted… Now I keep my tooth and it looks great!”

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