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Single Tooth Implant – Crown MEET LAURA

Laura had the digital impression performed the same day as her implant placement. 8-10 weeks after the implant was placed, she had the implant uncovered at my office and then had her referring general dentist fit the crown within 24 hours!

Complete Arch Implant – Hybrid MEET PHIL

Phil had advanced periodontal disease and cavities in many of his maxillary teeth. He wanted to replace these teeth with new teeth so that he could smile again. His case shows what can be accomplished with computer technology and teamwork as it was completed in one day!

Single Tooth Implant – Crown MEET PAUL

Paul’s front tooth was knocked out and his implant temporary crown was made the same day that he had the implant surgical placement performed. He left the office with a new temporary tooth within 90 minutes!

Complete Arch Implant – Hybrid MEET JOE

Joe was interested in a cost efficient way of replacing all of his maxillary teeth with dental implants. He was hoping to have this done in a timely manner without having removable teeth.

Single Tooth Implant – Crown MEET ANN

Ann had a digital impression performed at the time of implant placement. 8-10 weeks later, when she had the implant uncovering performed, she was her referring general dentist within 24 hours to have the final implant crown placed!

Multi Teeth Implant – Bridge MEET LOUIS

Lou’s front bridge was failing because the teeth had decay. He was able to have implants placed at the same time as his extractions so that teeth could be built on the new implants. He left the office with teeth made on his implants within 90 minutes!

Single Tooth Implant – Crown MEET MATT

Matt broke his front tooth and needed to have it immediately removed and replaced.

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