All-on-4® treatment concept
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Single Tooth Implants

Central Incisor Implants with Crown (Tooth #8 or #9)

Case 1: Implant #8 with Crown

“It was easier than I expected. The process was actually smoother that I anticipated and I am so pleased with the end result!!!” J.M.
Wilmington, DE

Case 2: Implant #8 with Crown

“Thank you for a beautiful tooth! I am thrilled with the end result and the process was so much easier than I thought it would be.” E.I.
Chadds Ford, PA

Case 3: Implant #8 with Crown

“Things went beautifully and the end result was terrific. I’m very pleased with it all. I truly appreciate being put at ease. I was really apprehensive, but very pleased with everything…” B.C.
Westmont, NJ

Case 4: Implant #8 with Crown

“I was nervous about the dental implant process, but Dr. Kubikian was extremely professional and excellent throughout the entire process. His desire for perfection was noticed…” T.L.
Woolwich, NJ

Case 5: Implant #8 with Crown

“I drove 45 minutes for my appointments each time… I’m thrilled with the end result, as you promised!” A.S.
Ocean City, NJ

Case 6: Implant #8 with Crown

“You get what you pay for. Thanks for doing things right. I’m finally proud of my front tooth. I learned my lesson!” C.T.
Marlton, NJ 

Case 7: Implant #8 with Crown

“It takes patience and perseverance, but it is worth it in the end and I don’t have to worry about it. I don’t remember any pain, I didn`t even know you had pulled my tooth.” T.B.
Mullica Hill, NJ

Case 8: Implant #8 with Crown

“Don’t be apprehensive. You’ll be very satisfied with the end result!” M.C.
Thorofare, NJ

Case 9: Implant #9 with Crown

“Thank you Dr. Kubikian for taking so much time to make sure that my tooth looked good. I’m obviously very happy!” M.E.
Berlin, NJ

Case 10: Implant #9 with Crown

“Wow, thank you SO much!!!” H.W.
West Deptford, NJ

Case 11: Implant #9 with Crown

“I think that the process was much easier than expected and I was guided through the process well. I’m very pleased with the end result!” T.S.
Wenonah, NJ

Case 12: Implant #9 with Crown

“Thank you for being so meticulous… I’m really thrilled that you worked with my general dentist for a great end result!” P.J.D.
West Deptford, NJ

Case 13: Implant #9 with Crown

“Exceeds all my expectation. I’m so happy with my new tooth.” A.P.
Blackwood, NJ

Case 14: Implant #9 with Crown

“I had a fantastic experience. It was wonderful.” V.R.
Pennsauken, NJ

Case 15: Implant #9 with Crown

“I had my front tooth fixed and my entire smile looks better too! Thanks so much!!” A.G.
Marlton, NJ

Case 16: Implant #9 with Crown

“I’ve been seeing Dr. Kubikian for almost 3 years. I’m so happy with final implant. Thanks for everything!!!” J.V.
Ocean City, NJ

Case 17: Implant #9 with Crown

“I wish I had gotten my wedding pictures taken after Dr. Kubikian did my front tooth implants… You cannot even tell which tooth is fake!” B.B.
Deptford, NJ

Case 18: Implant #9 with Crown

“Thank you, thank you! So happy with my final crown! Thanks for everything.” T.S.
Audubon, NJ

Case 19: Implant #9 with Crown

“I was a little bit nervous about having an implant done, but afterwards, it was really worth the time. I had no pain at all. I have to say that I really love the feel of this tooth. It is so much better than what I had before. And that’s the absolute truth, it’s like a real tooth.” J.Q.
Mullica Hill, NJ

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