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This option allows you to regain confidence knowing that your denture will not be loose or fall out of your mouth. Implants can stabilize this removable denture by attaching to its underside. Most patients are thrilled after receiving implants to hold their dentures because of the security and confidence in function.

Case 1: Implant Supported Overdenture #2-#15

“I can’t tell you how happy I am! My family loves my teeth and I’m smiling much more. The process was easier than I thought, and all of my questions answered. Thanks Dr. K!”
J.F.,  Philadelphia, PA

Case 2: Implant Supported Overdenture #3-#14

“The experience has been great. Confidence… Not only will you restore your own self confidence, but you can have confidence in Dr. Kubikian and his skills! I’m a new man!”
P.M., Marlton, NJ

Case 3: Implant Overdenture – Maxilla

“I can eat anything I want again! The denture is sturdy and I don’t need that denture glue anymore! Thank you so much”
R.L., Ocean City, NJ

Case 4: Implant Overdenture – Mandible

“It was a very long 6 months, but the end result was significantly worth every minute I had to wait. I was 35 when I had all of my teeth removed and have worn a denture for 30+ years. For the first day or two, I was apprehensive about biting into something, afraid it wasn’t going to work. Now they’re fantastic, it’s the only way to go.”
N.G.,  Sewell, NJ

Case 5: Implant Overdenture – Mandible

“You gave me my life back! Thank you, thank you!”
J.P., Vineland, NJ

Case 6: Implant Overdenture – Mandible

“Before I came to Dr. Kubikian’s office, I had problems chewing, keeping my teeth in place and even smiling. Now that the procedure is all done, my teeth are perfectly in place, perfectly aligned, perfect to chew with and I smile as often as I can, as much as I can. Thank you Dr. Kubikian!”
R.K., Turnersville, NJ

Case 7: Implant Overdenture – Mandible

“Look at the difference yourself. My life is back!”
C.M., Queens, NY

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